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Reasons why you Should Decorate your Lawn for this Christmas

Are you planning to decorate your Lawn this Christmas? Christmas is very special season to all of us and decorating your lawn this coming Christmas is definitely a good idea. But did it ever cross your mind what are the reasons why people decorate their lawns? Since lawn is a place commonly used for planting, yearning etc. There are different reasons why people decided to decorate their lawns when Christmas is near and let us take a look at some of the highly cited reasons when people are asked the question why the put up Christmas decoration outside their homes.

Christmas Lawn Lights Illuminated Outdoor Decoration SHOOTING STAR OUTDOOR CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY LIGHT

Christmas Lawn Lights Illuminated Outdoor Decoration

Shooting Star Outdoor Christmas Holiday Light

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Feel the presence of Christmas

It is that time of the year again. Christmas is in the air. It will just be a blink in the eye and before you know it, it would soon be here.

Decorate up your lawn to get everyone in the mood. Lawn should also be decorated together with the decorations inside the house to feel the presence of Christmas. It’s been a tradition that we do our best to have good decorations for Christmas. Decorations from Christmas balls, Christmas tree, garlands up to Christmas lights. But we often see people decorate their lawn, it is because lawn is big part of our house therefore needing big budget.

Be a source of Inspiration to those around you

When you have Christmas decorations in your lawn and people see it, you give them the spirit of Christmas especially to those kids who might see it. Without you knowing it once people see Christmas decorations the first thing that might come up in their mind is that Christmas is nearly coming. You inspire them in some ways you don’t see. Some of them might do the same thing as you do.

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Lighted bow window decorations Pre-lit Santa window decoration

Express your Creativity

Each of us has the creative side within. It's just that you might have been too busy with your work all year round. It's the perfect time to set aside some time from your hectic routine and unleash the creativity within you. After all, Christmas is the season of sharing. Why don’t you share and showcase your talent to those around you? Do something that can make your lawn attractive. Choose Christmas materials that are good at the same time cheap enough to make your yard looks elegant.

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Makes your house look beautiful and attractive

Lawns that have Christmas decorations add attractiveness in a house. Remember that lawn can be seen by everyone except when your house have fence. To some, it is also a place of relaxation. That is why lawns need a break, give them decorations as well.

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17-inch Lighted Waving Snowman Christmas Window Silhouette Decoration

Remind Everyone that Christmas is here

We all work hard for a living. Some work harder than the rest. It is not uncommon for people to be so entangled with their daily routines that they completely leave Christmas out of their mind. As our brothers and sisters' keepers, it is our duty to remind everyone, especially those close to us, that it is time to get ready for the special time of the year. When someone passes by your house and look at the beautiful light up that you've put in your lawn, it will definitely inject the warm spirit of Christmas within anyone who sees them. It is a reminder that the year is soon coming to an end and time to make some thoughts about our loved ones.

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Isn't it pleasing to see a house with Christmas decorations on their lawn? Although we know that this could cost a lot at some point, it is very worth. Considering that you sometimes spend money on things that don’t matter, why don’t you give it a try to spend money on decorating? After all, it’s Christmas! Remember that decorations are only done just to prepare for Christmas. Let us not forget the true meaning and essence of Christmas. It is the love and sharing we must give to one another. Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sweet Candy Cane Outdoor X'Mas Decorations

Candy cane is associated closely with Christmas. You only get to see candy canes selling in the local stores once a year. Candy cane is something that is well-loved by children from all ages. They do not only taste sweet and good, but they are psychologically attached to festive mood when everyone's spirit is high.

But have you ever asked yourself the origin of candy cane? Who was the brilliant mind that invented the cane stick with a hook and turn it into a candy?

Candy Cane Outdoor Christmas Decor-Set of 2 - Improvements Lighted Candy Cane Arch - Improvements

Well, the answer turns out to be quite surprising. The story dated back to as early as 1670s. A choirmaster wished to subdue the noise created by his church children during Christmas eve. He thought of giving the children some candies in the hope of persuading them to remain quiet. However, he needed a reason to justify giving candies to the children. Brilliantly, he thought of adding a crook to the candy stick and use it as a way to remind the children of the shepherds who paid their visit to infant Jesus. That was how the origin of candy cane was born.

Impact Innovations Christmas Lighted Window Decoration, Candy Cane Battery-Operated Icy Window Hanger with Twinkling LED Lights - Candy Cane

Today, candy cane has become much larger than just a mere candy or sweet. Various form of outdoor decorations, from Christmas wreaths to tree ornaments to even pathway light, can take the form of candy cane. Here are some of the most interesting candy cane outdoor decorations that would certainly add sweetness to your garden decoration.

16-Inch Lighted Candy Cane Christmas Window Silhouette Decoration 18-Inch Red & Green LED Lighted Candy Cane Christmas Window Silhouette Decoration

Sunday, 20 January 2013

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

The tradition of putting up Christmas tree in celebration of Christmas has its history dated back to centuries ago. Some say it all started in Germany. A bunch of devout Christians started to bring in decorated pine trees into their house. However, it is not well accounted what their real purpose was then. Soon after, such practice spread worldwide. Today, Christmas tree is a must-have decoration for Christmas. Some like to put the tree as outside Christmas decoration while some like to put it as part of their indoor decoration. Are planning to put up one in your home but not sure how to decorate a Christmas tree? These few quick and simple steps would show you where to start from.


how to decorate a christmas tree traditional charlie pine evergreen 4-Ft Pre-Lit LED Color Changing White Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

Step #1: Pick the Tree

The first thing you need to do before you think about how to decorate a Christmas tree, is to grab, well, the tree itself. It may sound like a common sense. But for all you know, most people tend to ignore this most important part of decorating a Christmas tree. The reason why this is important is because there are so many options to choose from when it comes to Christmas tree. First, there is of course the traditional evergreen option. But even within this category, there are different materials to choose from. You can go for real or artificial tree.

The thing to consider when choosing between real and artificial Christmas tree is budget and storage. Real trees are usually more expensive, but they are well, fresher and brings in a more authentic feel. This is the biggest compliment for real tree option. On the other hand, artificial tree is becoming a popular option because it can be reused more than once. If you have the storage space, artificial Christmas tree could be the more practical option. I'm not saying that it is the best option though.

If you have so decided to go with artificial tree, you will then have to choose the type of material of the tree. There are many variety to choose from. The two most common selections are plastic or fiber optic Christmas tree. Your choice will determine the next step on how to decorate a Christmas tree.

Blue 50 FT 110V-120V LED Rope light Kit, 1.0-inch LED spacing, Christmas Lighting, Outdoor rope light 25FT MULTI COLOR LED Rope Light Kit For 12V System, Christmas Lighting, Outdoor rope lighting

Step #2: Light up the Tree

Now you must have the tree in the house. Whether you purchased it online and have it delivered to your doorstep or you purchased it from your local store and brought it home yourself. You must now be excited. Hold on for a second and make sure you have the thing ready for the next step.

Before you rush into anything else, the next step on how to decorate a Christmas tree is light it up. Make sure you have the LED light strip ready. In case you are wondering how long you need for the LED strip, the general guideline is to stick with about 100 LED bulbs for every foot height. This means that if you get the average tree with a height of around 7 feet, then you need an LED strip with about 700 bulbs on it. It is a simple math calculation.

But if you have earlier decided to go for fiber optic Christmas tree, then you can skip this step and go on to the next step on how to decorate a Christmas tree.

Elegant Hanging Tinsel Garland 3-Inch x 15-Feet - Choose from 6 Holiday Colors Kurt Adler 9-Ft Plastic White Flocked Candy Garland

Step #3: Dress up with Beautiful Garlands

Garland is the decorative strip that resembles a cord. It used to be made of flowers or leaves. But the option is much more diverse these days. To most people, the most common garland design is the shiny metallic strip that looks very much like hair strips. If you have a green Christmas tree, then the best matching color would be red. However, if you are slightly more adventurous, you can consider more contemporary garland designs such as the candy strip or metal bead garland.

Keep in mind not to overcrowd your tree with the garlands as you are only half-way there. There is still the ornaments to be put up. This will be the next step you need on how to decorate a Christmas tree.

12 Beautiful Multicolor GLASS ICICLE Christmas Ornaments HOLIDAY Tree DECOR12 Glass HARD CANDY Holiday CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS Candies Decor
12 Wooden Nutcracker Christmas Tree Ornaments125-Piece Club Pack of Shatterproof Ice Palace Silver & Blue Christmas Ornaments

Step #4: Put up Christmas Ornaments

Before you start putting up those mini ornaments on the tree, best is to have the light and garlands up. Trust me. It will make the job easier. This will not only help you properly space out the ornaments around the tree. If you put up the ornaments before everything else, it would be more difficult to lay the lights and garlands around as the ornaments would be obstructive.

There are many Christmas ornamenets that you can put up on the Christmas tree. From shatterproof bells to balls. From little Angels to Feliz Navidad characters. From Christmas stockings to candy miniatures. From beautiful icicles to cute nutcracker characters. The list is endless. Guess what? This is what makes Decorating Christmas Tree fun!

Kurt S. Adler 10-Light 8-Point Star Christmas Tree Topper with Gold Framed Waterlily Kurt Adler 9-Inch Double-Point Natural Capiz Star Lighted Treetop
Kurt Adler 14-inch 10-Light White and Silver Angel Treetop Lighted Retro Silver Tinsel Flower Christmas Tree Topper - Multi-Color Lights

Step #5: Put up Christmas Tree Topper

Hang on! you are almost there. By now, your Christmas tree would have been in shape and it is starting to look magnificent. I'm sure it would stir the eagerness on your part, to invite your families and friends to come and look at your creation. The last step is to find the perfect crown to place on the tree.

In the past, there were not many options available as today. Christmas tree topper used to be just plain Bethlehem star shape. If you still love to crown your Christmas tree with the star, you can choose the pre-lit or non-lit options. If you want a break from the norm, then you can put such characters as Santa or Angel. When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, there is no such thing as absolute. Its beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Choose a tree topper that best suits your taste and fits into the overall decoration theme of your home.

I can go on and on. But let me stop here. I think I've given you ample materials to answer your question on how to decorate a Christmas tree. Now, let the fun begins!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Yard Decorations that will blow your mind away

Every year, people greets Christmas season with high spirit and festivity. Each of us do things differently, unique in our own way. Some of us have only minimal amount of time to spare and do away with the bare minimum. At the very basic, we would probably put up a Christmas tree that we've bought (or maybe it's always there in your garden), decorate it up with some lighting to brighten up the outside compound of your house at night.

Some of us maybe a little more meticulous and love the small details. For example, decorating up our mailbox with X'mas dressing is one idea that most people have overlooked but one that always invite compliments. Then there is the pathway lighting that some of us like to put in front of the house. Depending on the length of your pathway, you could do with simple lining of LED lights or lamp posts featuring traditional ornaments or characters that are associated with Christmas.

For lamp posts, there are many options to choose from. One popular option is the Candy-Cane pathway lights that will make the grand entrance to your home looks magical. Then there is line-up of Snowman, stars or even mini xmas trees. The choice entirely lies with you and it is dictated by the overall theme that you've picked this Christmas rather than individual preference.

True Christmas Spirit Light Up - Richmond, Virginia True Christmas spirit light up, richmond va

While most of us would do with simple lighted decoration outside the house mainly due to time and budget constraints, there are always few in our neighborhood who love to go over-the-top every once a while. Each of them of course have their specific reason for doing it. Some of them do it merely for fun sake while some are trying their luck to shoot for fame. Huffingtonpost recently covered a house belonging to a man in Austin, Texas, that was decorated with a light show using global phenomenon, the 'Gangnam Style'. It turns out that he is not alone. Another house in Perth, Australia, was also covered by global news for its similar 'Gangnam Style' Christmas light-up.

Musical Christmas Lighting with Gangnam Groove - Perth, Australia

Angel as Outside Christmas Decorations

Angels. Faith and Belief in Angel is most closely associated with Christianity. Angel is the spiritual being created even way before the world was created. The role of Angel is threefold.

One is to glorify God. Two is as God's messenger to human being. And three is as a helper and guardian of the faithful. Are you looking for some angel ornaments to be placed as outside Christmas decorations? Read on to find out some interesting angel decoratives that you can use to decorate your house this Christmas.

There have been arguments about the physical form and shape of an Angel among theolegians. Most theolegians believe that Angel exist but there is no physical existence to It.

However, let's put aside all the doubts and worry this Christmas and just celebrate the common belief that we share. While there are plenty of Christmas characters that you can choose from to decorate your yard, lighted Angel decorations are definitely some of the most sought after and most displayed character outside the house.

42-inch Lighted Angel Yard Figure Nativity Angel 2 Piece Set

There are many reasons why people choose to put up Angelic figure as lawn Christmas decorations in front of their house. First and most obvious reason is of course, the beautiful shape that Angel Christmas decorations are designed with. It is surely pleasing to the eyes of every passer by when seeing the angelic figure in your lawn.

Second, it is a way to implant the concept of Angel in children. Children learn fast these days and they learn from the things they see everyday. Many parents borrow the Christmas opportunity to teach their children about the role that Angel plays in our life and as God's messenger.

Solar Powered Hanging Angel Outside Christmas Decorations By Collections Etc Lighted Angel 200 Lights Crystal for Outside Christmas Decorations

Christmas is also celebrated as a season of rejoice and giving. It is a time of sharing with the less privilege. It is a time to bring out the angelic side of humanity. By displaying Angel figurines as part of their yard Christmas decorations, parents can cultivate these values in their children and introduce them to the world of Angels.

If you are the sort of religious type, then you'd probably know better than me on what are the lessons you want to pass down to your kids. But even if you're not the religious sort, there are always good and important values that you can teach your kids about angel.

One of the life value you can teach your kids is to be good at heart at all times. This is a noble life virtue that anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs and faiths, ought to have. I firmly believe that there is a good side to every one, you just have to give a little time for them to show their angelic side. Christmas is a good time to remind all children about this, show them the way and let them lead the way. This line is one of my favorite taken from the song 'Greatest love of all' that I always remind myself whenever I look at my kids in the eyes and I can see the angel reflection on their eyes.

Are you going to place one of the Angel figurines as part of the outside Christmas decorations in your yard? I am. Have an angelic Christmas!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Outdoor Christmas Pathway Light Decoration

8 Foot Lighted White Christmas Pathway Fence - Clear Lights

8 Foot Lighted White Christmas Pathway Fence Lawn Stakes

Includes replacement bulbs & spare fuse
150 mini bulbs
15" x 94" x .25" (Ht X Wt X Lt)

Every year, there is one period of time that is special to every one of us. That is none other than Christmas time. Celebration of Christmas has come a long way and is celebrated not only for religious purpose, but by all walks of life.

3pc Christmas Nutcracker Lighted Path Lights - Pathway Walk Lawn Stakes 3 each: Product Works Peanuts Lighted Pathway Markers (90526)

Other than a season of joy and giving, Christmas is also the decorating season for your home! It is time to unravel the creative side of you, brighten up your yard to lit up the mood of your neighbors and friends.

Of all the outdoor decorative, pathway light is probably the one aspect that is often overlooked, but it can create a fabulously magical atmosphere outside your home. It is the first thing that is going to greet all guests coming to your home for that Christmas eve dinner or Christmas party.

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Set of 5 Lighted Santa Claus Christmas Pathway Markers 10 14-Inch Clear Lighted Twinkling Christmas Star Tree Topper or Pathway Marker

That's why it is imperative that you should put pathway light into your list of decorative and budget in if everything permits. To help you get started on what kind of pathway light designs available out there, I've curated a small set of design that I think is great. Enjoy!

Christmas Led Set Peppermint Pathway Light Show 4 Pc. Christmas Holiday Snowman Solar-Powered Landscape Pathway Lights: (Set of 2)
Set of 5 Lighted Snowman Christmas Pathway Markers 9 CANDY CANE LIGHTS STAKE INDOOR OUTDOOR CHRISTMAS NEW

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Monday, 26 November 2012

Funniest Santa Christmas Outdoor Decorations

Who on earth has never heard of Santa? Those who've never heard of Santa before must be someone from another planet than Earth. *Just kidding*

But it's true. Santa Claus is probably the most famous character on Earth. It is a mythical character that is loved by both children and adults. Children love Santa and Santa love children too. He is always seen carrying bags of presents and giving those presents to every kids who behave well. Nowadays, not only kids are expecting presents from Santa, some adults too.

As time goes by and the myth surrounding Santa continues to evolve, many variations and traditions surrounding Santa Claus exists. If you're looking for Santa outdoor decoration to inject excitement to your garden decoration this Christmas, here are the 4 Funniest Santa decoration that you definitely do not want to miss:

  1. "Santa STOP Here" Signboard (Click for picture)
  2. Santa Dressed in Cowboys Costume (Click for picture)
  3. Santa playing Teeter Totter with Rudolph (Click for picture)
  4. Santa Stuck on X'Mas Tree chased by a Dog (Click for picture)

I personally love the signboard that says 'Santa STOP Here'. I thought it is kind of cool to put that right in front of my house. I've bought it last year and it turned out to be an attraction on its own as all my guests and neighbors always made a stop and make sure that had their pictures taken there. I hope you have a great time decorating your outdoor lawn this Christmas and you must be excited by now with all the creative decorative ideas that you've seen so far. Have yourself a very merry Christmas!

BONUS: Before you go, take a look at this funny Santa video. Enjoy!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

How to turn your garden into mini Disney Christmas Wonderland

Are you thinking of something new to decorate your yard this Christmas? Well, it is time to try experimenting with some new and exciting things. I have here a very good idea for you to work on. Turn your garden into a mini Disney Christmas Wonderland! If you have brought your kids to the Disney World, you know how much kids love those cute and adorable characters, from Mickey, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck and his three little assistants to Pixar-animated characters such as Incredibles, Woody from Toy-Story and Lighting Mc Queen from The Cars. The list is endless and if you spend a bit of time researching, you'd be surprised that it is quite likely that you'd find outdoor Christmas decorations made out of these popular characters.

Disney Christmas 5' Winnie the Pooh & Tigger Log Teeter Totter Animated Airblown Inflatable by Gemmy Big Disney 32-Inch Mickey Mouse with Santa Hat Pre-lit Yard Art Christmas Decoration

Who will not know Disney Characters? If you have kids in your home I am pretty sure they will love what you will be doing. After all, out of the many reasons you might have for putting up decoration outside your house is to get your family together and delight all the kids at home and in your neighborhoods too. Since your garden is seen by anyone passing by your house, you can bring some cheer to everyone around you. That is the spirit of Christmas, is that not?

Don’t you worry dear, I am here to help you on how to turn your garden into mini Disney Christmas Wonderland. Are you ready? Then if yes, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Disney Eeyore in Santa Hat Christmas Airblown Inflatable Eyeore by Gemmy Winnie the Pooh Friend Disney Inflatable Airblown Mickey and Minnie in Christmas Sled with Presents

  1. The first thing to do is to look at your garden and then see how wide is it for you to put some decorations
  2. Next, if you think your garden is too big then just decide what part of the garden will be used as part of our plan. But if you have medium/small garden then you can have it as full Disney Christmas Wonderland place.
  3. After that, lists all the possible decorations materials to be used. Of course, Disney characters are one of the many lists you have to put. Since it is wonderland, Alice is the main character so let us put her on number one spot of what we have to buy. Since there are lots of characters we have, just choose 5 or ten famous Disney characters. I have here some for you
  4. If you don’t have enough budget to buy for those characters then do it personalized, you can draw and color it then cut. Just be creative!
  5. You can also buy some Christmas lights to make the garden more attractive
  6. To make it more real, make some cut out trees or you can buy them if you want
  7. Try making a door which will be the entrance and then put “Welcome to Disney Christmas Wonderland
  8. Put some chairs on the garden so that your visitors will have time to relax. You can put some banners about Disney
  9. To make it more alive, why don’t you put some music on it? Disney music is recommended
  10. Lastly, if you have old and used Christmas decorations before you can still you that in your garden. Recycled it and let it be used again

6ft Egg Noggin Disney Mickey Mouse Inflatable Holiday Yard Decoration Disney Christmas Mickey Mouse Ornament LED Airblown Inflatable

That’s it. I am sure everyone will love it from adult to kids. Even people that you don’t personally know will like your garden for they can see it from a far. In some point, you help them realize that Christmas is nearly coming. You will remind them the spirit of Christmas. In fact, this will be a unique idea for you to start doing. Although this sounds to be a very big plan and much need more budget but at the end as you see people amaze and inspire in your work, you will find it worth! Till here and Have a Merry Christmas! May the true spirit of Christmas be with us!

RARE - Disney - 6 Ft. - Gemmy Christmas Airblown Inflatable - Mickey Mouse and Pluto on Motorcycle Disney 6 Ft. LED Lighted Mickey and Minnie's Scene Airblown

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