Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Yard Decorations that will blow your mind away

Every year, people greets Christmas season with high spirit and festivity. Each of us do things differently, unique in our own way. Some of us have only minimal amount of time to spare and do away with the bare minimum. At the very basic, we would probably put up a Christmas tree that we've bought (or maybe it's always there in your garden), decorate it up with some lighting to brighten up the outside compound of your house at night.

Some of us maybe a little more meticulous and love the small details. For example, decorating up our mailbox with X'mas dressing is one idea that most people have overlooked but one that always invite compliments. Then there is the pathway lighting that some of us like to put in front of the house. Depending on the length of your pathway, you could do with simple lining of LED lights or lamp posts featuring traditional ornaments or characters that are associated with Christmas.

For lamp posts, there are many options to choose from. One popular option is the Candy-Cane pathway lights that will make the grand entrance to your home looks magical. Then there is line-up of Snowman, stars or even mini xmas trees. The choice entirely lies with you and it is dictated by the overall theme that you've picked this Christmas rather than individual preference.

True Christmas Spirit Light Up - Richmond, Virginia True Christmas spirit light up, richmond va

While most of us would do with simple lighted decoration outside the house mainly due to time and budget constraints, there are always few in our neighborhood who love to go over-the-top every once a while. Each of them of course have their specific reason for doing it. Some of them do it merely for fun sake while some are trying their luck to shoot for fame. Huffingtonpost recently covered a house belonging to a man in Austin, Texas, that was decorated with a light show using global phenomenon, the 'Gangnam Style'. It turns out that he is not alone. Another house in Perth, Australia, was also covered by global news for its similar 'Gangnam Style' Christmas light-up.

Musical Christmas Lighting with Gangnam Groove - Perth, Australia

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