Monday, 19 November 2012

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas tree is one of the famous trademarks of Christmas. When we see Christmas tree on our house or the giant Christmas tree on the street, we know that Christmas is surely near. If you look at the vast number of different designs, sizes and colors of Christmas tree, you would be amazed just how far creativity has come. Sometimes it is such a pleasure when you are the one who share your design on the Christmas tree. I have here some Christmas tree decorating ideas for you to work on or even share with others.

Find a great crown for your Christmas Tree

Just like a royal, crown is the most significant part of a Christmas Tree decoration. Having a great crown at the tip of your Christmas tree would definitely make it stand out. Commonly, we see and we buy stars, particularly big stars and put it on top. Well, that’s not a bad idea. But there is always a way to spruce things up and get something different. Why don’t try putting Christmas characters on top like Santa Claus, his reindeer, Angels, etc. I think it is more unique if you put a Santa Claus on the top of your Christmas tree since Santa is known by kids and also by adults. In this way, you can easily attract people.

Pick a Color theme

Choose color that can attract others. Since it is Christmas choose something like combination of red and silver, green and silver. Silver color would make an awesome theme that will make your Christmas tree look elegant, but you've probably have to stick to more classic ornaments such as round shiny balls, stars or bells. Red and green would make a perfect theme for Christmas and there are tonnes of ornaments - cute, colorful, playful or religious - to choose from. One thing to take note is when you are choosing your color theme, avoid dull colors such as black and brown.

When choosing some accessories like garlands, Christmas wreaths, Christmas balls and little stars make sure that it will compliment the color of your Christmas tree. If you want to have a feminine approach Christmas tree, choose pink colors. Normally, your Christmas tree itself is color green right, buy some garlands that is color pink and then put it around the tree. When you put the garlands, put it 2 inch after the other so you can still put some other accessories on it.

Of course, Christmas tree will never be the same when it has Christmas lights. When you want Christmas lights which have random colors, it is fine! It will compliment in any decoration you had made. But when you want a single or two Christmas lights colors make sure it will compliment what you have done. When the theme of your Christmas tree is pink and then you will buy a red color of Christmas lights then it is not a good idea. It is recommended if the theme of your Christmas tree is pink then choose color yellow lights. Perfect as a combination!

You can also put some small cards on your Christmas tree, in this way your friends and relatives will have the chance to write their wishes this coming Christmas on the cards and hang it on the Christmas tree. This is also your chance of greeting them. Put on the card as signature, Merry Christmas!

Just like other Christmas tree it will be very pleasing to see if there are many gifts under it. Even fake gifts will do meaning it is only a box wrapped in colorful wrapper. This will make your Christmas tree more attractive. Just look for some boxes with different sizes.

I hope you learned so much from those ideas and will have a Merry Christmas. Just always remember that thinking something for the spirit of Christmas is worth doing!

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