Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sweet Candy Cane Outdoor X'Mas Decorations

Candy cane is associated closely with Christmas. You only get to see candy canes selling in the local stores once a year. Candy cane is something that is well-loved by children from all ages. They do not only taste sweet and good, but they are psychologically attached to festive mood when everyone's spirit is high.

But have you ever asked yourself the origin of candy cane? Who was the brilliant mind that invented the cane stick with a hook and turn it into a candy?

Candy Cane Outdoor Christmas Decor-Set of 2 - Improvements Lighted Candy Cane Arch - Improvements

Well, the answer turns out to be quite surprising. The story dated back to as early as 1670s. A choirmaster wished to subdue the noise created by his church children during Christmas eve. He thought of giving the children some candies in the hope of persuading them to remain quiet. However, he needed a reason to justify giving candies to the children. Brilliantly, he thought of adding a crook to the candy stick and use it as a way to remind the children of the shepherds who paid their visit to infant Jesus. That was how the origin of candy cane was born.

Impact Innovations Christmas Lighted Window Decoration, Candy Cane Battery-Operated Icy Window Hanger with Twinkling LED Lights - Candy Cane

Today, candy cane has become much larger than just a mere candy or sweet. Various form of outdoor decorations, from Christmas wreaths to tree ornaments to even pathway light, can take the form of candy cane. Here are some of the most interesting candy cane outdoor decorations that would certainly add sweetness to your garden decoration.

16-Inch Lighted Candy Cane Christmas Window Silhouette Decoration 18-Inch Red & Green LED Lighted Candy Cane Christmas Window Silhouette Decoration

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