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Outdoor Christmas Decorations: Christmas Mantel

Christmas is a truly special time of the year. I am a Christian. I believe there is a reason why God made Christmas time colder than the rest of the year. It is because of the cold weather outside that we tend to spend more time inside the house. No doubt there is at least a heater found in most American homes. But what excites me more is the presence of fireplace. It is the part of the house where everyone in the family gets together and enjoy the warmth companion of each other. If you are looking to dress up your fireplace for Christmas, here are some Christmas mantel ideas to get you started.

What is Christmas Mantel?

Christmas Mantel is the dressing ornaments that we put in our fireplace. It is important to take note of few basic things when choosing a Christmas Mantel. First of all, look out for the color of the Christmas Mantel. Make sure that you choose a color that compliments your fireplace. This is to create the perfect Christmas ambiance in your living room. After all, since it is Christmas time, you have every reason to put on something different in the house. It is a time to put aside your traditional mantel and make way for Christmas mantel. If you pick the right Christmas mantel design, it will provide you a decoration space where you can place such things as Yuletide trimmings by relocating your picture and other Christmas decorations.

Picking the Right Color

As with any Christmas decoration, the first thing you need to decide on is the color and the decoration theme that fills your heart desire. Once you have made up your mind on the color theme, you can start looking for Christmas mantels with colors that can harmoniously blend with other parts of the house decorations. For example, if you are set on red and white theme for the upcoming Christmas, then you can focus only on Christmas mantel with patterns dominated by the color red and white. Think about the other part of the house too. While your overall theme is red and white, you can add some complimentary colors to break the monotony. Color like green perfectly compliments red and white. Christmas decorations with red and green color combination are common sights, are they not? If you are more adventurous in your creativity, you can always try with richer color combinations. As with anything that deals with creativity, sky is the limit.

Did you know that there are few seasonal colors associated with Christmas? Consider colors like silver and gold to create an elegant indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. But if you prefer something that is more natural and fresh, colors like red and green are perfect. With this combination, you have the additional flexibility. You can opt for artificial or non-artificial decorations. Unlike silver and gold, you can find beautiful range of flowers with red and green color.

Other than the color, there are other ways to add the natural or rustic feel to your fireplace ambiance. For example, you can place on top of the mantel, some real pine boughs. You may have some pine branches lying around in your garden. If you have, you can gather them and place it as a decorative ornaments. If you don't, try checking with your local store. You always have the option to go for artificial pine branches. However, the fragrance that comes with non-artificial pine boughs is what makes it special. The smell it emanates is something that is greatly appreciated, especially during Christmas and winter time.

To add a more earthly elements to your fireplace decoration, you can add few branches taken from the Holly trees. Do not forget to include the berries. They are inseparable from Holly trees. While the leaves from the trees are evergreen (and glossy), the berries usually ripen during winter. When ripen, the berries turn into red or brown in color. This gives the natural contrast that you need between red and green. That is another amazing thing you should know about God's creation.

Keep in mind that you need to fully aware where the focal point of your home Christmas decoration is. Since fireplace is usually found in the living room, it is also a place where guests and friends gather when they come to your house for a visit. Because of this, many people like to make their fireplaces the center of their home decoration. This is when you realize the importance of selecting a good Christmas mantel.

Those are my two cents worth of tips about selecting a great Christmas mantel for your home Christmas decoration. Hope it gives you some inspiration and ideas on where to start. Go pick up your favorite mantel and start decorating your house. Have lots of fun!

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