Friday, 16 November 2012

The Origin of Christmas Stockings

There’s lot of tradition we used to do when Christmas season is near. One of this is waiting for Santa Claus to put some gifts on our Christmas Stockings or commonly known as socks. But isn’t it amazing to know the origin of Christmas stockings that we used to put on door when we are still young. Let us start!

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Actually, there are no particular data on how Christmas Stockings tradition started but we have varieties of legends that tell us how. Every legend has several twists and turns and I am here for you to tell two of the very good stories we have! These two Theories is well-known theory of all time.

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The Poor Man Theory

A very long time ago, there lived a poor man with three beautiful daughters. The poor man’s wife died because of an illness. This poor man is worried on what would be his daughter’s life when he died since they are poor. Also he is worried that his daughters will not be married with dowries. One day, Saint Nicholas passed through many people and heard about the situation of the three poor girls. Saint Nicholas wanted to help but already know that the poor man will not accept charity, so he thinks of some plan to help them in secret. Saint Nicholas waited for some chance and thinking of where to put his three gold coins. Late at night while thinking, he saw some stocking of the three girls hanging in the mantelpiece for drying. Easily he got some idea to put the three gold coins in the three stockings of girls. The next morning, the girls and their father saw what happen and became very happy.

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This is the reason why children are hanging some stocking waiting for gifts from Saint Nicholas. As years goes by and as Christmas is once a year celebration, they made this Christmas Stockings for special purpose. Sometimes, kids will put this Christmas Stockings at their door thinking that tomorrow when they wake up this empty Christmas stocking will have candies, chocolates and surprise gifts.

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The Dutch Theory

The tradition of Christmas stocking is introduced in America by Dutch. They believed that when kids leave their clogs by the hearth filled with straw for the reindeers and a treat was left in the fireplace. In return, Santa will give kids gifts. Later these clogs will become stockings and will be remembered as Christmas stocking.

There you are now familiar with the two known stories how Christmas Stockings started. But wait, I have now a trivia for you. Did you know that? Christmas stocking has been included in the Guinness World Records. This is the World’s biggest Christmas Stockings ever produced. It is created last December 2007 by the supporters of The children’s Society. The Guinness World Records awarded the Christmas stocking on 14 December 2007 at ExCel in London.

As of now, we still see kids who do the Christmas Stockings activity. It is good that we remember Christmas with all these traditions. Let us not just forget the true meaning of Christmas, we have to give thanks remember that Jesus Christ is the Center of this celebration and not Santa Claus or other Christmas figures. Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

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