Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas Mailbox Decorations

Christmas is a frosty season. Friends, families and families bring warmth to each other with the warm greetings attached to Christmas card or post card. I'm sure you would agree with me that the one thing about Christmas that we love is the receiving of Xmas cards from our friends and relatives.

It is heartwarming to receive a season greeting cards from friends and relatives, especially those who live far from us. It is a reminder of the place that they have in our hearts and our place in their hearts. Are you ready to receive those greeting cards?

Merry Christmas,Y'All Nylon Mail Box Cover Decorative Home Decor Santa Mailbox Cover Party Accessory (1 count)

I know the thought of dressing up mailboxes does not commonly occur to many. It never occured to me too until this year, when I was browsing for ideas on how to decorate up my garden and more importantly, to share my inspiration in this blog.

When I saw these mailbox dresses, I thought they are kind of cute. Why not try something different this year, I ask myself. By dressing up your mailbox, you're showing the postman that you're ready to receive those season greeting cards. A beautifully dressed mailbox will surely bring joy to any neighbors passing by your house, and moreover the hardworking postman who is going to put those greeting cards in.

Outdoor Holiday Mailbox Swag with Bow CR1022 Decorations-Pine Gingerbread Man Nylon Mailbox Cover With Home Sweet Home Delighful Christmas Decor

I've curated some of the cutest 'dress' that you can find for your mailbox. Hope you enjoy the collection.

O Holy Night Magnetic Mailbox Cover Christmas Wrap Duck with Wreath Inflatable Mail Box Cover

I'm sure that you'll have lots of fun decorating your home. Remember to involve everyone in the family and make it a family-bonding activity. For now, hope you've got good ideas on what kind of pre-lit gift boxes that you can place in your gardens.

Santa Claus Mailbox Cover MailWraps Nature of Christmas Magnetic Mailbox Cover

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