Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Snowman Crafts Essential to Make Your Own Snowman

Do you feel it? Christmas is truly near. Christmas trees, Christmas balls, children singing Christmas songs are all around. Of course, you would not forget the one super fun thing about Christmas.

That is to make your own Snowman. But before you begin, do you have the necessary Snowman crafts tools to make one?

Snowman is that cute and lovely characters that we see mostly during Christmas winter times. It is usually made of 3 big round balls. One hallmark about Snowman that is known by kids is its scarf.

Have you tried making your own Snowman this coming Christmas? If you have previously made your own before, it is always good to refresh. If this is your first time making one, you will find some Snowman crafts essentials to begin with.

Snowman Building Kit With Box

Box Contents:
Black Hat with Green Trim | Green Mittens | Red Scarf | Orange Wooden Carrot-shaped Nose | 2 Black Wooden Eyes | 2 Black Wooden Buttons | 5 Wooden Buttons for the Mouth

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First and foremost like any other tutorial activities, we need to prepare first all the Snowman crafts materials needed in order for us to come up with good and satisfying Snowman. Talking about the Snowman craft materials, we need 3 big circular shapes with different size. Then you would need some cottons, scarf, colored papers, glue, scissors, hat and stick.

Snowman crafts Kit -- Build Your Own Snowman, and Dress Him UP Snowman crafts Kit - Make a Snowman Kit

I think by now, with all the Snowman crafts materials you have, you would probably itching your hand. I'm sure you would want to jump start and making one now. If you are and you have all the Snowman crafts materials ready, go out and start making your own Snowman. Otherwise, read on to find out more about the rest of the tutorial.

  1. You have to make sure that the 3 big round balls you have is not that smooth, meaning we can put glue on it
  2. Put glue on each of the round balls all around its surface. After you do that, put some cotton on it. Make sure that there will be no space left, meaning all space are covered with cottons. After that, wait for a few minutes for these three balls to get dry
  3. Make some holes in the middle of the balls. A pass through holes
  4. Now that you have three different sizes of balls, get a stick particularly a 1 meter stick that is brave enough to be a stand. Shoot the stick on the holes of the three round balls. This is to make sure that your balls will perfectly stand. As you put the balls, put first the biggest ball up to the smallest on
  5. Now that you have the body, it is time to make the face of you Snowman. Draw the eyes, nose and a smile on colored paper and cut it. Face it on the smallest snowman bal
  6. You can now put on the scarf to make it more familiar. Then put the hat to make it more attractive. Make sure that the color of your hat compliments the color the scarf of your Snowman. Commonly it is color red
  7. It is up to you if you want to have your Snowman some hands. I am pretty sure you like too but some Snowman doesn’t have. If you really want, you can do a hands made of stick
  8. In the medium sized ball, you can put little circles on it vertically. This will be look like it is Snowman’s dress
  9. To make the Snowman more attractive, you can add glitters on its body. Only if you have some available glitters. This will give your Snowman effects of lights

Complete Snowman Accessory Kit - Just Add Snowman! Toysmith Dress a Snowman Kit

We've come to the end of the tutorial. I hope these simple steps would spark your curiousity and help you make your own Snowman. But before running down to your yard, remember to have all the Snowman crafts kit ready. Have a Snowy Christmas!

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